Contact Info
Joaquín Carbonell
Section Chief - Exploratory Analysis and Research, California Department of Social Services

Joaquín is a Data Scientist at the People Lab where he supports research across a range of policy areas. He is passionate about using data and social science research to improve public service delivery and is especially interested in the use of prediction-based decision tools in government programs. Prior to working at the Lab, he was a Project Leader for the Government Performance Lab at Harvard University, working with state and local governments in the US to improve services ranging from affordable housing to education. Joaquin also worked as a portfolio manager for the Development Innovation Ventures program at USAID where he helped develop results-based funding strategies, including USAID’s first social impact bond investment and “cash benchmarking” – comparing the cost-effectiveness of USAID programming to cash transfers through a series of randomized controlled trials. He holds an MS in Analytics from Georgia Tech, an MPP from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, and BAs in History and International Studies from UNC Chapel Hill.