Our Team

Elizabeth Linos
Faculty Director
Executive Director
Research Director
Faculty and Executive Assistant
Undergraduate Research Fellow
Undergraduate Research Fellow
Anna Gifty Opoku-Agyeman
Research Felllow
Anna Heath
Research Fellow
Research Fellow
Undergraduate Research Fellow
Jeremy Margolis
Lab Manager
Research Associate
Brenda sciepura
Research Fellow
Undergraduate Research Fellow
Senior Research Associate

Affiliated Scholars

Assistant Professor, UCLA
Distinguished Professor of Economics and Professor of Business Administration, UC Berkeley
Data Scientist, Boston University
Jessie Harney
Assistant Professor, Colorado State University
Professor, Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership, Aarhus University
Assistant Professor, Aarhus University
Assistant Professor, Boston University
Economist, U.S. Census
Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy and Economics, UC Berkeley
Assistant Professor, MIT
Ph.D. Student, Utrecht University

The People Lab Alumni

Nadia Bell 

Data Scientist, Mathematica Policy Research

Joaquín Carbonell

Section Chief - Exploratory Analysis and Research, California Department of Social Services

Sara Castro

Financial Analyst, J.P. Morgan

Sam Glaser-Nolan

Associate Advisor, Behavioral Insights Team

Ryan Hall

Research Associate, Possibility Lab at UC Berkeley

Julian Hayes

PhD student, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Helen Ho

Research and Evaluation Manager, Chinese for Affirmative Action

Stephanie Hom

Director of Operations, Possibility Lab at UC Berkeley

Tanu Jain

Undergraduate, UC Berkeley

Amy Lerman

Michelle J. Schwartz Professor of Public Policy and Political Science, UC Berkeley

Yiping Li

Master of Public Affairs Graduate Student, Princeton University

Tom Lindman

PhD student, University of Washington Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

Mark Lipkin

Budget and Policy Analyst, County of Marin

Rohit Naimpally

Director of Innovation, Possibility Lab at UC Berkeley

Liliane Nienstedt

PhD Student Education Policy, Vanderbilt University

Sethu Odayappan

Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Perfecta Oxholm

Graduate Student, Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley

Lisa Quan

Senior Management Analyst, Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara

Nefara Riesch

PhD Student Department of Sociology & Social Policy, Harvard University

Krista Ruffini

Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Max Saenz

Undergraduate Student, Northeastern University

Daniela San Roman

Deputy Director of Finance and Analytics, Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services

Audrey Sayer

Communications and Lab Assistant, Possibility Lab at UC Berkeley

Jessica Spero Li

Senior Behavioral Designer, ideas42